Thursday, January 21, 2016

Will Rufus Come with you to Prague?

The sturdy Petmate "Skykennel" 
As we prepare for our mission work the question people ask most frequently is "will Rufus be able to come with you to Prague?" Rufus is our beloved corgi/rottweiler. My husband calls him an original purebred 'corgiweiler'.

The answer is "YES"! Rufus can and will come with us. Our regional director jokingly said that it might be easier to get Rufus to Europe than to get us there (with all of the visa paperwork we will have to do). Prague is a very dog-friendly city, and the Czech Republic has liberal "dog immigration" policies (the Czech Republic does not quarantine, he will need proof of shots and an okay from the vet).
Almost there!

The most challenging part will be the plane ride over. He is not kennel trained, so I recently purchased a Petmate Sky Kennel, which is the approved kennel for overseas travel. It arrived a few days ago, so we have plenty of time to get him comfortable with it.

As you can see by the pictures, he went in about three-quarters of the way yesterday and this morning he 'made himself comfortable' by lying down (prompted by plenty of treats).

I worry about him being in the cargo or luggage section of the plane on such a long journey(he is too big to fly with the passengers) and can imagine hearing him barking up a storm disturbing all of the passengers above. We will probably have to engage a pet transport company to take care of the dog move because many airlines are now requiring it. I am comforted by the fact that many pets have been relocated overseas by other missionaries and even more frequently by the military.
Getting very comfortable (and eating a lot of popcorn treats)

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