Friday, November 18, 2016

Ten Lessons from the Past 10 Months (What is Life Like Pre-Deployment)

1.     Enthusiasm is contagious: When we are doing expense reports, creating new email lists and campaigns, travel arrangements and finding new congregations to go to and all of the ‘busy work’ we must do to it is difficult to maintain our enthusiasm and focus. When we visit a new congregation and get to know a new community we are revived! The congregation’s energy and genuine enthusiasm for what we are called to do continues to renew both of us.
2.    A new respect for the frequent flyers: It is difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy. I often lose track of time thinking I did something last year when it was actually two years ago.
3.    Always Keep a sense of Wonder: You often find support in the most surprising and unlikely places. Just keep on doing your footwork! God provides.
4.    Delight in the little things: Nothing is permanent.
5.    When it comes to packing, less is best but have your essentials: Makeup remover wipes, things in zip lock bags, light rain gear. Bring a belt!
6.    Every church building has a story: Beautiful architecture, stained glass windows, alters, crucifixes, statues, paraments and banners. I have seen over 50 sanctuaries. But the best part? Talking to the members and listening to the stories about the beautiful things that I see.
7.    Pastors and their wives are amazing people with some amazing stories.
8.    I enjoy building relationships:  My mom always told people that I liked to collect friends. I do! My collection is one of the best and largest I’ve EVER had!!
9.    A working knowledge of Craigslist: I love getting rid of things and get excited thinking about the next thing I want to sell or give away. My poor husband!
10.    We really are “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”: Those crazy Lutheran circles. I’m pretty sure I had a connection with someone at almost every church we visited!